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trap_one's Journal

This community doesn't deal through intermediaries
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Devoted to Jo Grant, a companion of the Doctor
This is a communal place for early seventies Doctor Who companion Jo Grant, because she is remarkable. Jo loves you, and if you love Jo then this is a place for you.


1) Don't be mean. Good-natured teasing is welcome, but let's aim toward the sweetness and well-intentioned nature displayed by the character who brought us here. This means, obviously, no bashes/flames.

2) Keep it on topic, which pretty much means keep Jo involved. Shouldn't be hard. =D Any ship, any era, and scenario, have fun. (Operative: Jo. And fictional characters in general. You can feel free to post interviews with Katy Manning, or anyone else, regarding our central subject, but please keep the RPF off.)

3) Big things/long things/spoilers (it could happen!)/porn behind a cut. Furthermore, make sure porn and spoilers are clearly labeled as such.

4) Don't spam, please. Basically, this means no cross-posting here beyond what logically and/or best belongs here. No incessant "reminders" about challenges going on in other places.

5) Use your discretion. If you think something you're posting might merit a locked post, then lock the post.

6) If you still have questions about anything, PM the mod.

Short of that, all Jo-inspired randomness is eagerly anticipated!

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